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This “Sleeping Buddha” statue is located just behind the Dharma Shanti Vihara. This statue was designed by Dedi Purnomo, an artist from Banyuwangi.

The statue, which took four months to build, has now become an alternative religious tourism site in Bintan.

The next interesting tourist spot on Bintan Island is Blue Lake. Before becoming a popular tourist attraction, Blue Lake was actually a sand mining site on Bintan Island. However, due to mining, this place slowly formed a lake with very clear water.

Interestingly, this Blue Lake tour has a panoramic view of blue water and soothing natural scenery. The lake is surrounded by shady trees so you can sit back and relax while feeling the breeze. So it is very suitable to be used as a place of healing.

You can make this destination as an alternative choice if you are bored with beach views.

The Bintan Desert is also known as the Busung Desert. This desert has white sand that will sparkle when exposed to the reflection of the sun. Very similar to the hilly desert in Middle Eastern countries.

Initially, this desert was not a tourist spot. Just like Blue Lake, this desert is a former bauxite mine that slowly turned into a stretch of desert that is so beautiful.

Here, you can relax and take unique photos because this place is very instagramable. You can feel the atmosphere of the Middle East without having to visit the country directly.

Patung Seribu

Not only providing attractive natural tourist destinations, Bintan Island is also a comfortable home for various religions and beliefs in Indonesia. So do not be surprised, you can find a lot of places of worship in Bintan.

One of the houses of worship that has become a tourist destination is the Ksitigrabha Bodhisattva Vihara which is also known as the Temple of the Thousand Faces Statue.

As the name suggests, this place of worship is very unique because it has 1000 statues of Buddhist disciples. Uniquely, each statue has a different shape, size and expression.

At the foot of the statue, the names of each of the Buddha’s disciples are engraved. When you enter this temple area, you will feel that you are in China.

This place is very interesting to be used as a tourist destination with family because you can capture every unique moment in this monastery.

Banyan Tree Bintan

Immerse yourself in a natural sojourn on Bintan Island, where lush rainforests come alive across towering trees, hillside terrain, secluded beaches and the sweet song of wildlife. Banyan Tree Bintan offers adventure seekers and holidaygoers stunning views of the South China Sea, where the glittering ocean meets the tropical coastline.

Be mesmerised by beautifully decorated villas in the traditional Balinese style, each raised with stilts and set on hillsides. Unwind at our resort’s private beach, embark on unforgettable dining experiences, tee off on the undulating Laguna Golf Bintan championship course, or be pampered at the acclaimed Banyan Tree Spa.

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Patung Seribu
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